“Recently Jim Zarling from Kool Air Manufacturing volunteered his time to talk to all of our construction students about work place relationships and ethics. Also Jim volunteered on our Center Industry Council representing our HVAC trade. We appreciate the time Jim has spent helping to teach our students and expand our programs.

Jim also arraigned for Kool Air Manufacturing to donate two, Kool Duct plenums for our new training stations in the HVAC training lab. These training stations will help teach a lot of student’s skills to enter the HVAC trade. We really like the product: its light weight and durable. We are going to incorporate Kool Duct into our training stations for all of our students to learn.”

-John Gallagher
HVAC Instructor
Fred Acosta Job Corps Center

" It took three guys less than three hours to hang 200' of duct, I love this stuff! "

- Phoenix Contractor

To whom it may concern,

I have been very impressed with the Kool duct system. My name Is Shane Hubbell, I am the Director of
Plant operations here at Palo Verde Behavioral Health in Tucson. I have over 30 Years of experience in
building and facility maintenance. I first heard of Kool duct when we added 36 Beds on to the hospital
over 3 years ago now. I wasn’t sure at first not having any information on it. After talking to the
Construction super and the project coordinator Kool Duct saved a lot of problems we have in the
longevity of facilities with metal ducting, I.E. Tape coming apart, ducts to heavy and falling, sweating and
condensation problems, shrinking and expanding, air leakage in ceiling, and insulation coming off. These
are problems that any Facilities have to deal with all the time.

I was shocked how light Kool duct was, so weight problems are eliminated. On install you have less shot
rod hangers to put in because you don’t need them, I can lift a 20 ft. section with one finger… yah that
what I said. There is no metal to sweat and leak on ceiling tile, no shrinking to break tape joints.
Everything is sealed inside and out. The walls are the insulation, so you don’t have to wrap it with
insulation, easy to cut out for install of your lateral ducts. It may be a little more expensive, but you
make it up in install and labor, it is a big plus for my hospital on repair costs which keeps my FTE’s down
and Infection control happy because we are not in the ceiling nocking dust down. The section of the
building I have Kool duct in I don’t have the problems I have on the other side with metal ducting. I just
fixed a collapsed duct last week because the tape came loose, and the weight was too much, I was
cooling the ceiling access. I do have to admit that I was reluctant at first, but I admit I was wrong, I am
still finding the benefits with it. One last thing, the energy cost is better with the Kool duct because we
are not heating and cooling the metal it’s like one big igloo ice chest box in the ceiling.

Thanks for all your help with the product.

Shane Hubbell


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