To eliminate the carbon footprint and fundamental flaws in fiberglass insulated sheet metal ductwork, delivering the most advanced products to the Arizona HVAC industry.


To revolutionize the HVAC industry with the most innovative pre-insulated air distribution system, Kingspan KoolDuct®, which provides the highest value in performance and energy efficiency.


Kool Air Manufacturing was started to revolutionize the HVAC industry of Arizona. We are committed to eliminating the carbon footprint traditionally in fiberglass insulated sheet metal ductwork. This new product, the Kingspan KoolDuct® System, provides more value while avoiding the fundamental flaws faced by installers for years.


The Kingspan KoolDuct® System is a lightweight pre-insulated ductwork that is taking the place of sheet metal with fiberglass insulation. Providing many associated benefits that prove to be better than the traditional air distribution systems. Non-corrosive, water resistant and an indefinite lifespan truly separate KoolDuct® from all other phenolic products.


Kool Air Manufacturing serves all of Arizona and has the ability to fabricate any HVAC ductwork needed for all types of projects. The CNC fabrication machine allows a fast integration for an efficient process with little to no waste. The estimating software is compatible with most file types for an easy transition to the KoolDuct® System. A full take-off of ductwork is completed and confirmed prior to order. Once approved, Kool Air Manufacturing will fully fabricate and deliver the ductwork and materials to the specified job site or location for a quick and easy installation. Kool Air Manufacturing provides the field installation training necessary to correctly meet the Kingspan KoolDuct® standards. This ensures all parties involved the quality and value that comes with this state of the art HVAC ductwork system.


Kool Air Kingspan KoolDuct Weight

Kool Air using Kingspan KoolDuct® system

Kool Air Man or Get Burned

Kool Air using Kingspan KoolDuct® system

Kool Air Manufacturing/Kingspan

Kool Air using Kingspan KoolDuct® system

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Kool Air using Kingspan KoolDuct® system

Kool Air Manufacturing Arizona's #1 Kingspan Koolduct Fabricator

Kool Air using Kingspan KoolDuct® system


“Recently Jim Zarling from Kool Air Manufacturing volunteered his time to talk to all of our construction students about work place relationships and ethics. Also Jim volunteered on our Center Industry Council representing our HVAC trade. We appreciate the time Jim has spent helping to teach our students and expand our programs.

Jim also arraigned for Kool Air Manufacturing to donate two, Kool Duct plenums for our new training stations in the HVAC training lab. These training stations will help teach a lot of student’s skills to enter the HVAC trade. We really like the product: its light weight and durable. We are going to incorporate Kool Duct into our training stations for all of our students to learn.”

-John Gallagher
HVAC Instructor
Fred Acosta Job Corps Center


" It took three guys less than three hours to hang 200' of duct, I love this stuff! "

- Phoenix Contractor